The pressing plant got our recordings a few days ago and as we we were informed, it’s already in production. Well, good news for us and also good news for those who preordered “Black & White“, because we can tell you a delivery date now and will contact you soon. So, that you’re able to imagine what you can expect, we made a short sample track for you, which you can see here.

014 release-partyAt this point, we would like to thank our Oli Schmidt who guided as through the whole production and who is  responsible for this awesome sound on it. We are very happy and proud of it and so we are also very happy that we can serve finally the result now. There will be a opportunity, where you can celebrate this together with us. This is scheduled for the 8th of February in 2014 at – how already announced –  our friends’ Manhattan Club in Hof. There you can listen to our CD and drink something together with us. Again the advice: This is not a live event, this will happen later.

But now have fun with our teaser for “Black & White“. Apropos, we’re looking forward to some feedback, e.g. on our Facebook site..

Out Now!