015 videoIt’s online! We proudly present our first music video for our song “Rebellion Of Light“, for sure from our debut album “Black & White“. It has been shot at the Ritterkeller Fattigau from the local country inn. We would like to thank family Fischer that we were able to be at this great location for two days. Furthermore thanks to our crew Benjamin Eichhorn and Lukas Harzenetter. You made an awesome job. Pictures of this campaign can be watched at our Facebook site. Another thank you goes to Patrick Gödde, the journalist from Frankenpost for another great article, this time of course about this video shoot.

After it has been quiet on this website for a while – sorry for this, but we were too busy – here’s a short flashback about the awesome and eventful last three months, which started with the release of our debut “Black & White“. We got a lot of nice and enthusiastic feedback and we are really happy about this, because that’s one of the reasons for us doing all this stuff. But not only you, our friends and fans like it. Also the press appreciate our first full length output with lots of compliment. Highlights were the publication of two reviews in the print magazines Legacy and Metal Hammer, one of the german biggest ones (read the reviews). Beside all these positive reactions we had a superb release party together with friends at the probably best club of this area in February. Thanks again to the Manhattan Club for this unforgettable event. Between this and the video shoot, we have started to plan new t-shirts and we also got some interesting offers. More about that probably soon. So how you can see, the last months were quite interesting but also busy and maybe we have forgotten to mention something here. But if you are following us at Facebook, you may know everything what happened.

On this view, have fun with our first video. We hope you’ll like it and would be happy about your feedback!

Ein aufregendes Jahr geht zu Ende und es ist wieder ein mal an der Zeit „Danke“ zu sagen. Und zwar euch, ihr die uns so hervorragend unterstützt. Es ist nicht selbstverständlich – gerade in der heutigen Zeit, in der handgemachte Musik oft nicht mehr wirklich wertgeschätzt wird – dass schon vor dem offiziellen Release unseres Debüt-Albums so viele Exemplare bereits vorbestellt sind. Einige Vorbesteller haben „Black & White“ sogar schon bekommen und die Rückmeldungen von euch sind wirklich super und gehen, wie auch die ersten Presse-Reviews, natürlich runter wie Öl (oder vielleicht doch eher wie Bier?!) und zugleich sind sie  auch motivierend für neue Taten. Aber bevor wir uns dann wieder an neue Songs wagen, muss selbstverständlich erst mal „Black & White“ ausgiebig gefeiert werden. Nachdem das Album am 11.01.2014 offiziell erscheinen und für jeden über unseren Webshop bestellbar sein wird (bestellen könnt ihr übrigens schon jetzt), werden wir wie schon erwähnt kurz darauf am 8. Februar das gute Stück ordentlich feiern. Wir hoffen, dass wir den ein oder anderen im Manhattan-Club Hof dazu begrüßen dürfen. Außerdem ist noch das ein oder andere für das neue Jahr geplant, aber wir wollen ja wie immer nicht zu viel verraten. Mehr dazu gibt es dann zu gegebener Zeit. In diesem Sinne wünschen wir euch einen guten Rutsch in das neue Jahr 2014!

The pressing plant got our recordings a few days ago and as we we were informed, it’s already in production. Well, good news for us and also good news for those who preordered “Black & White“, because we can tell you a delivery date now and will contact you soon. So, that you’re able to imagine what you can expect, we made a short sample track for you, which you can see here.

014 release-partyAt this point, we would like to thank our Oli Schmidt who guided as through the whole production and who is  responsible for this awesome sound on it. We are very happy and proud of it and so we are also very happy that we can serve finally the result now. There will be a opportunity, where you can celebrate this together with us. This is scheduled for the 8th of February in 2014 at – how already announced –  our friends’ Manhattan Club in Hof. There you can listen to our CD and drink something together with us. Again the advice: This is not a live event, this will happen later.

But now have fun with our teaser for “Black & White“. Apropos, we’re looking forward to some feedback, e.g. on our Facebook site..

Together with the release of our new website, which is also between black & white now, we’re happy to be able to announce the release date of our debut album right now. We know, that we announced it for the end of 2013 before and we think it would have been possible, but we would like to have a last month for promoting it well. But don’t worry, it will come soon! So, everyone can get “Black & White“ in our web shop from the 11th of January in 2014. And because of the great number of preorders we would like to honor those guys. Meaning, all those who preordered already or for those who will until the 1st of December, they will get it as soon as we got it from the pressing plant. That’s cool, isn’t it?

And we also will celebrate our first album. This will be done within a “Heavy Night“ at Manhattan Club in Hof, where you can listen to our CD and other Heavy Metal music, talk with us and drink some beer or something else together. We will let you know the date for it, soon. Notice, this is not a live event. But also this is planned for the future.
To give you another impression of our recordings we serve a short studio video, which we made while the shouting session yesterday. At this point, thanks again to our friends who helped us – you were great!

So, then have fun with this video, let us know how you like it on facebook and we will post some news again soon!

P.S.: For our English-speaking fans: The missing english content on our new website will be completed step by step briefly.

After a long workout together with our artwork artist Hans Schrepfer we are proud to present you the cover of our debut album “Black & White“ together with its tracklist. Furthermore we can tell you, that it will be available as normal jewel case as well as a limited (to 100 pieces) digipak version. Until now we're not sure, when we're able to release it and so we would like to wait a little bit more with this information. But for sure, this day will come soon! The recording progress is really great and those who joining us at Facebook know, that the drums and rhythm guitars are already completed, the bass is following these days and also Markus did some first tracks on lead and solo guitars. So visit us again soon, maybe there are some more news to read.

013-artwork bnwTracklist:
Welcome To The Shadowland
Black Attack
Land Of Feelings
Turn On Your Heart
Black And White
Hidden In Fear
Rebellion Of Light
Running From Pain
Arrested By The Beast
+ Bonustrack

Out Now!